*Cancellation policies vary by class and membership level. You must cancel by emailing us at If we do no receive an email from you, then the refund can not be approved.

Approved cancellations will result in a refund through our online system. There are no refunds of any kind for same day cancellations (a cancellation done within 24 hours of event.

Memberships can be canceled for a full refund within 2 days of signing up. Refund is void after the second day or if actor signs up for any event in the meantime.

Workshops Marked NO CANCELLATIONS cannot be canceled for any reason. This includes all multiple week intensives, multiple guest events and workshops that include any type of filming.You must email ALL cancellations to

Non-Member’s: Full Refund: Before 24 hours of event.

You must email ALL Cancellations to

Members: Any cancellation done before 24 of event, will have no impact on account status. If workshop is canceled by guest, or is rescheduled, we do not give monetary refunds of any kind. If a Cancelation is within 24 hours of event, actor will have an account hold.

*Account Hold: Only applies to free events. Actors will be unable to sign up for a free event for 3 weeks starting day of missed event.

If you do not receive a cancellation confirmation from us, we did not receive your email. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE WITHIN THE TIME FRAME REGARDLESS OF WHEN YOU SIGN UP!

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