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Casting Director Workshops and Agent Showcases

Speed Rating Panels

Speed Rating and Panels

20 Agents, 20 Actors or 5 Casting People and 5 Actors - a Studio Productions Exclusive

YES! The Agents, Managers and Casting People KNOW you are an actor. But what will set you a part?? WHO YOU ARE! That is why we have put together SPEED RATING and PANELS!
Speed Rating
Actors Launch

Actors Launch

Up to 20 Casting Directors and 20 Actors - a Studio Productions Exclusive!

No where else in town will you have the opportunity to perform for up to 20 unique casting directors and receive written feedback from all.
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The Webisode Class - For Actors and Producers

A Studio Productions Exclusive!

We offer two separate services for this class, one for serious actors and one for celebrities in the making.
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The Hollywood Experience

Hollywood Experience Twice a year 24 actors are invited to Hollywood for a three day event that will include Speed Rating and Actors Launch. That means each out of towner will meet over 40 industry professionals before they leave!
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Spanish Speaking Actors

Hollywood Hispano

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